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Come to me when you're down on your knees And this world is more than you can handle Come to me, let me know how it feels Let's see if we can find another angle. Feels like I should know If you were right to expect just a little more When you have to let her go No earthly reason seems good enough.

Wait, Have I Been Here Before? The Curious Case of Déjà Vu

I've been here before I've been here before you I've been here before I've been here before you. Come to me when you no longer believe In all the things that I taught you Come to me, let yourself in Stay for as long as you want to Want to.

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When old and new words overlapped on this very subtle feature, volunteers again reported a sense of familiarity with the novel word. Presumably the same illusion can occur with more elaborate perceptions and experiences. As Cleary reports in the October issue of Current Directions of Psychological Science , some people report a sense of familiarity with completely new pictures based only on a visual fragment from an earlier experience.

A single geometric shape, for instance, can create the sense that an entire new scene has been experienced before.

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That is almost certainly what happened with Hawthorne in the kitchen. Indeed, Hawthorne figured this out himself, without the tools of modern memory research. He later summoned up a dim memory of a poem by Alexander Pope, who had also been moved to write about the cavernous rooms of Stanton Harcourt. Selections from the blog also appear in the magazine Scientific American Mind and at http: This begs the question how do we sub-consciously break down the information we take in?

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What are the possible methods? Are they different for varied input types, i. With that, those questions explain the interest that follows savants. When you handle pain and unhappiness better than those you know, it is a sign that your soul has been here before. A hypnotherapist can help you with uncovering repressed memories, but few therapists will identify that the experiences you remember are evidence of a past life.

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Tina Turner recalled being an Egyptian queen and artist k. Past life memories are often related to a powerful emotion, such as fear. If you have a strong fear response, question why you feel that way and if that feeling may have been a sign that your soul has been here before.


Unexplained feelings, phobias, or not feeling like yourself in your own body are uncomfortable feelings that might be a sign that your soul has been here before. Researchers in the journal Medical Hypotheses looked at children with gender identity disorder, unusual play behavior, and other unusual childhood activities and they concluded that looking at the possibility of previous lives might help explain some unusual behavior patterns for these children.

You may have noticed your unusual attraction to cultures, places, or people that you had never experienced before, and these interests may have begun early in life.

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As an adult, your choices and preferences may mean that you are influenced by the fact that your soul has been here before. As a soul who has been here before, you know that using the law of attraction gets things done for you and you use this knowledge to your advantage, often surprising people with how easy it is for you. You can hear your every thought before your mind says it.

Your senses are wide open and receiving all of the incoming information around you.