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I got home, bawling at that point, and just sat around in the quiet house, my husband sleeping in the next room, feeling sad and alone. I poured my heart out to God that day. I did feel better afterward.

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He understands us more than we can ever know. You can pray anywhere. I go out about dusk, enjoy the sunset, and say a gratitude prayer to God. May God bless you this week.

6 Places to Pray in Everyday Life

A Special Place for Praying Is there a special place you go to say your prayers? Embrace the Peace and Quiet Quiet places are best. Streams of Tears I remember that day well. They were rolling down my face and, How come I never have a Kleenex when I need it? Or maybe you just never thought about praying to God anywhere at any time.

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How to Start Keeping a Prayer Journal. I love the list of places to pray that you sent us today. I could listen to praise music and pour out my heart to God. Years later, I had begun working for a community college and my supervisor spent quite a bit of time driving to and from work. On his return trip in the morning, he would pick them up again. Thank you again for your wonderful ministry.

A Place to Pray

You have truly blessed me in this past year and I foresee another good year together. Besides what more humbling position can a person be in anyway??? I agree with Sandy O the bathroom. The shower is one place I talk to God the other is in my recliner while my husband is watching TV really he is sleeping and the last one is when I take my dogs out for their walk.

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Thanks Rachel for always sharing with us. Thank you for some great ideas Rachel, I have always thought talking to God should always be prepared , like get home and praying after chores etc. But that just seemed so impossible with time always flying and the never ending list of things to do before bedtime.

The Best Place To Pray

Thank you so much for the tips. Thanks Rachel for all of your posts! Like you, I admit to falling asleep while praying in bed at night! I think that those moments with him actually help release any stress that may otherwise keep me awake! And if when I get up in the night to use the restroom, I jump right back into those prayers. Who needs sleep aids?

Thanks for sharing your light! That is so similar to me. I also pray when I get to work.

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I pray as I walk in that I would be patient and kind and that God would fill me more and more so I could pour out into others. I love to get fresh air after a stressful morning at work so I love to take a walk to the super market.

congregational and private, indoors and outdoors

Very precious and rewarding. I appreciate you sharing your list of places to pray. I pray in several of the same places you named. The twelve disciples heard Christ pray for them, on the night he was betrayed, as they walked to Gethsemane John It should be noted that Christ roundly criticized Jewish religious leaders e.

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The early New Testament church frequently met in groups, both during the week and on the Bible Sabbath, to pray together Acts 1: James admonishes the church to always have a group of mature Christians ready to visit and beseech the Eternal for the healing of those who are sick James 5: It is always acceptable, whether in the privacy of a home or in some public place, to make our petitions known to God. There are also times, however, when we should pray with others e.

Ultimately, the best place to pray is anywhere! Does the Bible delineate where the best places to pray are? Does it recommend one location over another? Where did those in Scripture offer their petitions and cries for help? Does it matter whether supplications are made privately or in a public setting? When we do pray, should we always do so by ourselves or are there times when doing so as a group is acceptable? Map of Paul's fourth missionary journey.