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Writer Bill George argues that every leader needs a trusted support team that can provide them with honest feedback. How should leaders decide who to include in those teams?

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It is crucial for leaders to have a circle of supporters who can keep them in touch with reality, according to writer Bill George. Clarity on your True North requires humility and learning from the crucibles you faced earlier in life. It definitely can be developed, and leaders need to work on it through honest introspection and receiving honest feedback. But he points out: They see you every day.

Trust is the pillar your leadership should stand on.

A reality check for corporate leaders : when managers don't respect their bosses

While trust is somewhat of a subjective concept, leadership behaviors that promote trust can be defined, measured and improved upon. Covey highlights behaviors that are culturally ingrained in the leadership structures of some great companies known for high employee engagement. These are just a few trusted behaviors that drive performance and define how leadership teams and employees interact day-to-day.

Trust is certainly a reciprocal concept—it needs to be shared, extended and be mutually beneficial for it to work. You might want to take some of those bullets above for a spin. Create a quick questionnaire and toss it around for feedback to see where you and your team stand with trusted behaviors.

It might surprise you. What questions might such a questionnaire include? S elf-awareness, another component of emotional intelligence, is one of the most important capabilities for leaders to develop. Remember, these are learned traits. What does that look like in real life, you ask? A self-aware leader also shows resilience.

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A leader with resilient mindset rewards himself or herself for corrective behavior, such as deciding to try it again a different way. Instead of self-defeated victim behaviors—e. Having a complete self-understanding gives you an edge. You can manage yourself and your emotions, identify opportunities for development, and make the most of your strengths.

We might fear loss of respect from our peers or subordinates. Leaders who listen well do so with active listening. This helps to filter any criticism, strain out emotion and find the facts.

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They can respond appropriately, cutting out the drama. This means you should listen to understand and always focus on the future.

This change process will take courage, but it comes with the territory of being a strong and effective leader. Please tell us what you liked about it.

Five Reality Checks True Leaders Must Give Themselves

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