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The Singaporean producer samples and recontextualizes Malaysian music with love, care, and just a touch of irreverence. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 28, Bliss by Pelican Daughters. Check out the other questions and answers on this topic--they might be interesting to you. Followup To the Double Shadow Conversation: Last night, I was leaving our church after being at Mass. It was a little after 6 PM but it was dark outside. I had two shadows!

I had never ween that before and it really freaked me out. The one shadow was behind the other one and farther over to the right. I looked behind myself, at first, to see if someone was following me. It appeared that the shadow at the back might overtake me. I got to the car, where my husband was already sitting, and he reminded me that I had left his cushion in the church. So, I had to go back to get it. I got the cushion and, on the way back to the car, again encountered the double shadow phenomenon.

I asked my husband if he'd ever had two shadows. He replied that, yes, he had and that it also freaked him out. He said it was caused by two light sources. He said that, if the lights show for far enough and long enough that the second shadow can even overtake the first. My guess is that, since it is a big church, there were lights on for the top story and also lights for the basement and they were shining outward.

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I have gone to this church on Saturday nights for years and this never happened before. Of course, it does get dark earlier now. I might never have gone to the car from that direction in the dark before. This went on for months and months turned into a year. Ben said nothing and the man was gone as soon as he was seen. Ben came back to bed and told me about it the next day. Our neighbors were finally kicked out by our landlord and it was found that they did massive damage to their unit, so much damage that even now it is unrentable.

No one lives there now, which makes what I am about to tell you even more unusual. There were sounds for weeks after the salvage attempts stopped and the unit was sealed.

The Shadows - Reflection (1990)

Sounds of heavily furniture late at night, banging and thumping, dragging across the floors. Sometimes the house would shake from the loudness. Sometimes, I could have sworn I heard voices. That slowly faded and then something new began to happen. Ben and I would be lying in bed and there would come three knocks, like someone rapping on a door, wanting us to come to the door.

The first few times we thought it was someone at the door, so we dressed quickly and ran downstairs to answer the door, only to find no one was there. We did find the source of the knocking however; it was coming from our own headboard. Once we localized it, we found that when it would happen at random , we could feel the slight tremor through the wood just like if a person would rap on it.

We joked about it even as we heard footsteps in the hallway Once we even heard someone go into the bathroom and turn on the water and flush the toilet that when we were napping alone, each of us thought it was the other. Then the bed sheets took on a mind of their own. Ben and I had been working on laundry a hated task and we had stripped the bed, washing the sheets blankets and pillow cases. After we ate, we decided we probably should go up and make the bed so we trekked upstairs and entered the bedroom and found that someone had beaten us to it.

All the bed sheets and blankets were put onto the bed and the pillow cases were now on the pillows and the pillows were neatly against the headboard.

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A few nights later, we had bought some new spices and herbs. We wanted to test them before using them in a larger meal so we made some toast with the new spices. After taking a bite from the toast, I said it was a damn good spice and we were going to be using it. Ben needed me in the kitchen, so I sat my bitten toast down on my saucer and went to help him. I came back to find that my toast was still there but it was unbitten, as if it had just come out of the oven. You did bite it, right?

Things settled down for a while and nothing really happened except strange dreams from time to time and gradually, we began to lose interest in leaving the house.

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Slowly, our sleep schedules began to drift away from normal and slide into insomnia. We were becoming vegetable like, having no interest in going anywhere or doing anything, even basic house chores or grocery shopping. We noticed that when we did finally drag ourselves out of the house, we felt much better, energized and awake and swore we would do something like conduct an EVP session or maybe just for good measure find someone to do a cleansing for us since that is not my expertise but every time we crossed the thresh hold into the house, we lost any desire to do so. One night I did do an EVP session of about thirty minutes and captured nothing but a rhythmic clicking.

In February of , I came down with appendicitis and nearly died, thankfully, however, I recovered after emergency surgery. In November that year, is when the first and probably most striking experience yet occurred. He used to exercise every day, pull ups, push ups, weights. By then, he had stopped entirely.

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He would get chest pains every so often but they would always go away. One afternoon, feeling drained, I went up to take a nap by myself. I felt his body heat as he put his arms around me and hugged up to me in the spoon position. I felt his hand pat my shoulder in a reassuring way and comfortable, I went back to sleep, thinking Ben was sleeping next to me. A few hours later, I woke up and it was dark. I explained to him what happened and what he said next made me literally run cold.

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He had never come up the stairs at all, let alone got into bed with me. He said he was downstairs the entire time. Baffled, I could do nothing but wonder what had taken on the shape of my partner and what I had shared a bed with for several hours that could look like him, feel like him and not set off any warning bells.

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It was the first time in years that I was left genuinely unsettled by a seemingly paranormal event. Just three days later, Ben was in the emergency room. He was trying to stay positive and gave me the Vulcan greeting. He knew I was worried. He had a heart attack that could have killed him had we not gotten to the emergency room on time and he was hospitalized for several days. After a stint was put in, he recovered, though he did have to do one more overnight stay. That was the first time I saw and felt anything directly with my own eyes but it would not be the last.

The next thing to happen was in January of this year on the 22 nd. We had just washed the dishes and went to make our lasagna pasta whole wheat penne noodles, hamburger, green peppers, onions, diced pepperonis with spices and Italian seasonings, four cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, real shredded Parmesan and mozzarella if you were wondering and we noticed that there was sauce all over the stove.